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123 Kenji López-Alt - Better Home Cooking Through Science

We’ve both spent more hours in the lab than we care to admit. Let’s just say we have love/hate relationship with the space, but there is one particular lab very close to my heart. My kitchen.

I get it - most don’t really treat their kitchen as a true scientific hub, but our guest this week absolutely goes that route so you don’t have too. Our guest this week is Kenji Lopez Alt, the managing director of Serious Eats, where he’s written an award winning column on scientifically minded home cooking. He’s also the author of the Food Lab - easily my favorite new book on science and cooking for the home chef.

I’ve tried so many of his recipes, but Kenji really doesn’t want you to take his work as gospel. That sense of scientific humility makes me appreciates his work even more.

And if you’re looking for any scientifically minded recipe recommendations from Kenji, check out his article on making a smoother hummus or the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.



Eggs cooked at various durations courtesy The Food Lab

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