132 Hope Jahren - The Joy and Otherness of Trees

In our third episode on climate change, we reached out to Hope Jahren, whose recent debut non-fiction book has been killing it. She studies ancient forests, among other things, now long covered by tundra and snow above the arctic circle, that once thrived in the very far north. So we wondered whether we should look to this comparatively warmer time on our planet to see what might be in store for us in the future.

But Hope’s work is about more than just fossilized plants, though certainly that would be enough: she’s also spoken out against the mistreatment of women in scientific fieldwork. And hijacked Seventeen magazine’s #manicureMonday, by posting images of her own hands digging into science. But mostly we wanted to talk to her because she’s a funny, touching and brutally honest writer. Her book is a page-turner to say the least.