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118 Kim Cobb - The Evolution of El Niño

Thanks to guest host Rebecca Watson for joining us this week.

El Nino is dominating the climate discussion this winter. Here in California we’re experience a healthy and welcome heavy dose of rain. Elsewhere we’re seeing increased drought and tremendous impacts on marine life. All due to the temperatures changes in equatorial waters in the east Pacific - which has tremendously complex impacts on climate. But can tracing El Nino hold the key to understanding our climate record and possibly understanding the future? That’s what this week’s guest Kim Cobb sets out to answer. She’s a professor at Georgia Tech who studies the paleoclimate record, particularly studing coral fossils in the Pacific to construct a nearly millennia long model of El Nino. She’s self described 40% Climate Scientist, 40% Mom, and 20% Indiana Jones. Her current research focuses on the coral reef outside Christmas Island.