131 Josh Willis - Greenland Is Melting!

When ice melts, ocean levels rise. Easy as that right? Well maybe not….

Most of the conversation on sea level rise has focused on Antarctica with good reason, there is the potential  of the ice shelf collapsing. But Greenland has become the hot topic in ice melting – reports have emerged that we’re seeing an acceleration of melting – upwards of 12% quicker than 2015. OMG – amirite?

 And this melting will have dire consequnces both some sea level rise and on ocean currents in the Atlantic. But many questions remain about Greenland.

So this week, we talk with Josh Willis. Josh is the lead scientist on NASA JPL’s OMG, that’s Oceans Melting Greenland project, which is studying melting over the next 5 years using a combination of novel sensors and satellite imagery. We had a ranging discussion on the impact of the melting and the weird dynamics that are involved with fresh water and salt water coming together. Plus we’re joined by a special guest at the end of the episode.


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