115 Chris Ferguson - Violence in Video Games

A few weeks ago, we had on researcher Brad Bushman to talk about guns and the link to aggression. He cited some really interesting meta analyses specifically linking playing video games as little as 20 minutes and showing resulting increased aggression. A number of listeners suggested an alternative view from another scientist. Enter Chris Ferguson, an associate professor of psychology at Stetson University. His research focuses on media violence, specifically video game violence. He was recent named a fellow of the American Psychological Association and has published and written extensively on the topic. He asserts a very different view of the literature than Dr. Bushman, particularly the meta analyses. He paints a much cloudier picture lacking any scientific consensus and what he consider errors in analysis and conclusions.

Bushman’s piece asserting link

Ferguson Research Page

His opinion piece in Time on violence in video games

Paper on similar topic

Science in the News:

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